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Older brother and trusted adviser to Legatus Laendur.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Bryn, a tall Bywrnish man, who helped raise his younger brother Legatus Laendur. Young Laendur worshiped Bryn and always followed in his footsteps. When Bryn decided to serve in the great Fenumian army, Laendur decided to join as well. Where Bryn was adept physically, Laendur was exceptional with military strategy.

As Bryn rose through the ranks in the army, he always made sure to keep Laendur close so he could protect him, should he need it. With Bryn's council, Laendur was able to rise through the ranks at an incredible rate. As Laendur, found himself surpassing his older brother in rank, Bryn found himself as permanent council to Laendur.

Bryn and Laendur spent many days and nights conversing and planning how to bring the Bywrn name back to glory.

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