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Sky Splitter

Each time an Exemplar attacks, one node is filled on the combo bar. The node enchanted with a blue aura is a deathblow node and an Exemplar that attacks there does a powerful attack! Be careful, the combo bar will reset if you get hit or if your combo breaks.

When you equip an advanced deathblow, the combo bar changes and all deathblows will need a 6-hit or 7-hit combo to trigger. If you equip a mix of starting deathblows and advanced deathblows, the starting deathblows will automatically evolve and become more powerful when used.

Zulfiqar[edit | edit source]

Name Hits Description
Sky Splitter 5 Zulfiqar leaps into the air and slams the foremost enemy for heavy damage.
Shattered Valor 6 Encases all enemies in an icy prison and has a chance to inflict slow.
Aegis Reckoning 7 A radiant beam from Zulfiqar's shield smites all foes. Deals increased damage when you deflect enemy attacks with a perfect block.

Longinus[edit | edit source]

Name Hits Description
Wyvern Fang 5 Longinus hurls her lance at all enemies, grants focused for 10 seconds.
Vulture Scar 6 An ethereal vulture marks the rear target. All ranged characters automatically target this foe for 10 seconds.
Serpent Waltz 7 Longinus hits the foremost enemy five times. The final strike knocks the target to the rear.

Apollon[edit | edit source]

Falcon Feign 5 A falcon tears the rear foe's armor, inflicts defenseless for 5 seconds.
Avalanche 6 Apollon shoots a burst of arrows at the rear foe.
Phantasm Pierce 7 Deadly arrows rain down on all enemies. Also restores AP for allies if a target has heavy armor.

Mjolnir[edit | edit source]

Jotunn Impact 5 Mjolnir throws his hammer and knocks the foremost enemy to the rear.
Warcry 6 Unleashes a fierce roar that damages all enemies standing nearby Mjolnir, grants cleave to all melee allies for 10 seconds.
Whirling Thunder 7 Smashes the foremost enemy and has a chance to inflict paralysis.

Winchester[edit | edit source]

Mind Sniper 5 Winchester targets a casting enemy and disrupts their spell, inflicts the target with seal for 10 seconds.
Scorched Earth 6 Burns all enemies with a hellfire grenade and inflicts burn for 5 seconds.
Mirage Magnum 7 A barrage of bullets from Winchester's mystic pistols hits all enemies.

Dardanelles[edit | edit source]

Gravity Embrace 5 Dardanelles creates a black hole that pulls the rear enemy to the front and finishes with a colossal cannon shell.
Napalm Crush 6 Four explosive rounds hit random enemies.
Terminal Kiss 7 Targets the foremost enemy for a deadly strike, deals increased damage when Dardanelles has less HP.

G'ndarak[edit | edit source]

Seismic Crush 5 G'ndarark smashes the foremost foe with a mighty strike that removes enemy buffs. Inflicts cripple as a 6-hit deathblow or defenseless 7-hit deathblow.
Umbra Judgment 6 A rift from the Void pierces a random enemy.
Bloodhammer 7 An earth rippling shockwave hits all enemies, does extra damage to enemies inflicted with startled.

Osmund[edit | edit source]

Cassandra's Judgment 5 Shocks the foremost enemy with a bolt of energy and has a chance to inflict paralysis.
Faenum Crest 6 Channels ancient energy to restore HP and protect allies with a magic shield for 10 seconds.
Infernal Judgment 7 Osmund conjures an unblockable firestorm that hits all enemies.