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The Royal Wing[edit | edit source]

Osmund is Princess Cecille's grandfather's wyvern and a secret unlockable character in Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire. You can get Osumund to join your party by completing the "Family Ties" level in the Pantheon of the Distant Sea.

Fireproof - Osmund is immune from the burn trait.
Blood Bond - Osmund regenerates health when you cast a spell.

Link Attack[edit | edit source]

Dragon Spirit - Link attack fires two spirit dragons at enemies.

Deathblows[edit | edit source]

Cassandra's Judgment[edit | edit source]

Shocks the foremost enemy with a bolt of energy and has a chance to inflict paralysis.

Faenum Crest[edit | edit source]

Channels ancient energy to restore HP and protect allies with a magic shield for 10 seconds. [6-hit]

Infernal Judgment[edit | edit source]

Osmund conjures an unblockable firestorm that hits all enemies. [7-hit]